Amazonia an eco resort and adventure park ...
The stairway to another world.
Step in and discover the wonder of
a holiday amidst the clouds.

Adventure Park

Trekking We provide guided treks into the scenic hills and valleys of Munnar. We have satellite kitchens with organic gourmet food for our trekkers. The treks are into the wild and untouched jungle off the beaten track. The wildlife and plants are as they have been from the evolution of time. Trekking gear and guidelines are provided by our adventure sports guides.

Jeep Safari The wildlife in Munnar is a must see. From exotic birds to Indian elephants and the rare mountain goats can be seen in these safaris. These four wheel drive jeeps can take you off-track, through rocks and streams into places that will take your breath away.

Cycling Mountain side cycling is not only the best way to get around the property but also the real deal. We provide multi-gear mountain bikes with packed picnic baskets to have a day out for yourself. We also provide guided cycle treks with our adventure guides for long distance trips.

Rock Climbing We have our very own adventure guides assisting in rock climbing . The view from atop these rocks in top station 20000 m above sea leavel is worth every sweat. If there is heaven on earth,this is it among the clouds and nature.

Dirt Bikes: Dirt biking is a form of off-road motorcycle rides held on enclosed off-roads. It is raw energy at you disposal. The green hills of Munnar provides the best platform for off track dirt biking.

Paint Balling : Play to your hearts content without worrying about heat and sweat in the cool hills of top station. Colourful inflatable obstacles, speed ball markers, scenario games, international referee, dedicated staffs, hygienic and sanitized clothers and guns. Paintball is one of the most popular games in which people compete with each other, in team or individually, to eliminate the opponents by tagging them with the paintballs. Paintballs are like capsules filled with water soluble dye with gelatin shell outside. The balls are propelled using a special device called the paintball marker or most commonly called the paintball gun.

Camp Fire: We have bonfires and barbeques every evening. Fun games are organized and live music or requests are offered. The warm fire is the next best thing with the cool breeze of the hilly nights.

Adventure sports is the spice of life. Experience adrenal rushing , fun outdoor activites at Amazonia.